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Yo peeps! This is my old blog, so I've changed the URL to memories-in-korea.blogspot.com . But I'm still keeping it because this experience travelling in Korea really means a lot to me, although I've already let it go ;D. The main thing in this blog is, yeah, about my life in Korea, so don't bother the old month posts. As if anyone knows this blog at all :D. All the post is already in the archive 'by post' section. That's all HEE.
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26th Nov 2007 : Farewell, Korea
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25th Nov 2007 : 1st part - Jeju Island
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22nd Nov 2007 : 1st part - Worse Thoughts and Best...
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21st Nov 2007 : 1st part - TRAVEL is part of me

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Thursday, November 29, 2007, 8:52 PM
26th Nov 2007 : Farewell, Korea

Sob. Today's the last day in Korea. Tsk tsk. I don't wanna leave T_T! But soo many friends waiting for me in Malaysia, and I duwanna be alone here. So I had no choice. =\

Had breakfast in Jeju, scramble eggs again!! And porridge, etc. XD After that have to go to the airport and fly back to Seoul. In the bus I took photo of my sad face LOL! And an aeroplane, Korean Air plane. Too wuliao.

After we got a bus in Seoul(not the same bus, lucky because I don't want to remind myself of him anymore D:). Nah he's not with us. We went to Fifa World Cup 2004 Korea and Japan. Something like that. Nope there's no match today. We just visit inside, the souvenir shop. Plenty of football stuff inside, lucky I've no interest in football XD. Wanted to visit inside the stadium, had to pay 2,100 won per person. So we just look around, take photos.

Had good lunch. So YUMMEH! But this is the last time I'm eating in Korea liaos. So must EAT KAW KAW!!! Had one an a half bowl of rice. Added more kimchi. Sigh.

After that we went to visit some local product place. There selling MANY kinds of biscuits, chocolates, tea, seaweeds, ginseng stuff, etc. I bought some nuts, seaweed biscuits, and dad bought ginseng tea(swt), and etc. I don't know the total, cuz dad's the one paying it. hahaha~ We get to try MANY kinds of biscuits and chocolates here. I eat until... hmm... lost count XD~ I ter-eat some ginseng chocolate, mum also, we were like 'puking' on a tissue LOL!!! XD~ EEeeee....

On the way back to the bus I took a picture of ppl selling Saekdong Chogori :P. PHEW lucky this time no one stop me ahhahahaha. Cuz before I take I look at the ceiling and see whether got CCTV. hahahaha I'm smart XP!

Time to go back. To the airport. Goodbye Korea. The flight time is about 2hours away. So bored la. So I just walk around and sit at a place in the airport.

Above pic : hehehhe. can drink wan. this one is auto sensor. there's another 1 beside it. At first the one beside it I thought is auto sensor also. Mum go and put her mouth at the hole there for so long nothing come out, hahahha, "yuan lai ru ci", you had to push the button for the water to come out!! LAUGH OUT LOUD!! XD!!!

Above pic : took a pic of the korean air ticket.

Above pic : Lotte World ticket. I'm keeping it =).

Above pic : mum chit chatting with other ladies.

Above pic : take picture with Uno and others. Not all.

Above pic : Mum and dad. I wasn't there that time. Was sitting on the chairs, playing my phone. So boring. I missed Xiao Xiao =\.



(For conclusion for this trip, I'll type it in a new post soon, won't be long)

7:16 PM
25th Nov 2007 : 2nd part - Jeju Island

Continued from 25th Nov 2007 : 1st part - Jeju Island
Lunch = PERFECT.

After lunch, not even 5 minutes we arrived to some Jeju people village. This village is pretty! Unlike Malaysia's. XP. The girl here, only here, knows how to speak chinese. So Uno is save this time, because he say if no one here knows how to speak our language, he had to translate it. hahaha. Her chinese is SUPERB! I can't catch up sometimes. So I didn't really pay attention. I was looking around, taking photos. As I can't really understand what she say, so I can't explain much in here. I know that she explains how the villagers here live and how they work to earn a living, their lifestyle. This village has some of their own language, lets say a man, they call them "wang bali", for women is "pi bali", for little kids, "tong bali", etc. Next thing is, she intro the village's honey, which gave us a test try, it was sweet and sour. YUMMY!! Mum eat like as if she's eating poison(swtnesS), so she gave me her extra XD. The girl say, if you tasted other flavours beside sweet and sour, means your health got problem. If sweet and sour means your healthy, means your not sick. LOL COOL! XD. One more thing is, she ask us, in horse body parts, which part is the most valueble? Alot of us said the horse hair or meat, she said its incorrect. It's the horse BONE. OMG. She let us try the bone pills thingy, something like kacang(nuts), but I feel abit eww when I eat it, especially mum, hahaha, her face soo funy(look soo suffering) when she eat it, and gave the rest to me. So I'll be healthier instead!! XD. She also let us drink some honey drink. LOL.One of the pics below, I've taken a photo of her introducing honeys, and pills of horse bone, and price to buy. I forgot the price, but I know its expensive. Damn I want the honey T_T. The container for the honey looks like the statue which is called "tu di gong gong". I've got the pictures placed below.

Above pic : "tu di gong gong". She say, if you touch each of the body parts, you'll get various lucks like kids, money, health, wealth, etc. I forgot which each part is for what already. But you c an't touch female and male kids(which is the ear, and the mouth i think), you will get a deformed child LOL!

Above pic : The honey. Does it look like beehive thingy? YEAH. How she does it? Put the honey inside a bowl, put water, then slowly shake the bowl in a circle. Slowly it will become like this.

Farewell, village and villagers. We are going to some area to get some shopping(again?). The toilet in the shopping centre(LOL), is the best, the light colors are pretty! XD. And the "escalator" is soo narrow, and I also saw 1 cute little christmas tree. Overall mum bought a pair of shoes(15,000 won), as her shoes are already *chiakkkkkkkk*. Did I buy? Nope. I wanted. But sure mum won't let, so I just keep quiet. It's sky blue in color. The shoe I'm in love is purple colour, DAMN I want it. Sadd.... Bought hot chocolate again XD. Mum complain that I'm a waste of money(wahahhaha). 2 hours of window shopping.

Above pic : Saw these guards guarding dunno what when we arrived at the shopping area.

Now Uno is taking us to The Mysterious Road. Look at the pic below. What's soo special about this road? You see the road, its going uphill right? Ahah. The best part, drive your car on it, then off your engine. Your car will slowly move forward itself. Slowly it will become faster. The bus I'm in tried it, WOW AWESOME!! NONO its not haunted, I guess it's gravity or something. I saw many cars doing that, got 1 car, its on the other way round, hahahahhaha!

Dinner is the WORST ever. Seafood. I hate seafood. Didn't really eat so I got hungry at night. T_T pity me....

These little friends below is one of their dishes here. I took it in the outside. In this restaurant you can either eat cooked, or life one. I saw the peoples next to my table eating LIFE OCTOPUS!! OMG! DISGUSTING!! Looks like their betting something, one guy loses and he ate the oct leg! EEEE!! It's still moving!! EEEEE!! But I nvr take a pic of it. I'm disgusted.

Time to go back to the hotel, same hotel.


6:19 PM
25th Nov 2007 : 1st part - Jeju Island

Ohayo ! 7am. Time to get ready and tour around Jeju! WAHOOO! I took pictures of the room and the scenery outside. It's AMAZING!

Ate Abalone porridge, 2 eggs, strawberry jam for breakfast. The porridge is wasted as it was tasteless. =\ In the bus, Uno said that Jeju Island is also known is "San Duo" Island. On our way, we are going to see some huge rock called Oedolgae Rock(The Lonely Rock), it has the face of a man, with some cap or bushy hair(plants) on top of it, interesting. And the sea is beautiful.

After that, we went to see some sceneries on a mountain. I've took quite few pictures of the sceneries. Saw a very pretty building, mum said she watched one korean drama last time, they shooted this building it in. Not much as the sun is too bright. I saw these purple flowers, wonder what it called, and *kachak*. I plugged 2 of it(how mean XD), and it's still with me now, but already *layu(wilted). I didn't go up the mountain to the fullest because I'm tired, papa is strong so he continue going. And he took the sceneries up on the mountain. hehes.

Before this, in the bus Uno said that this place we are going is selling Jeju's famous chocolates and goodies. He advice us to buy at one shop that let us test try the chocolates. My family bought 4(x4 boxes in each package) packs of different flavours of chocolates. Of course we tried it, its YUMMIELICIOUS!! :D Total 40,000 won. Free 2 packs of Jeju orange flavour candies. Before buying these me and mum went tour around souvenir shops, I saw one shop selling cheap four leaf clover crystal thingy, like the one I've bought before, only 4,000 won. At first mum don't buy, cuz I wanna buy for my tuition teacher, that has already thought me for about 7 years(WOW?!). After buying the chocolate, mum finally let me buy XD!! YEHAAAAAA~ When I'm buying this crystal thing, I came back to the goodies shop I saw mama papa buying some Jeju crunches, and free another 2 pack of orange candies. COOL!

Today's lunch is the BEST ever in this trip to Korea. I ate 2 bowls of rice, added more kimchi's and meat too. Uno doesn't want to tell us further details about the meat we are eating(DELICIOUSS!!), after we ate, he told us that the meat is some wild boar's meat(OMG!), that pig we saw in the village after we eat.


To be continued in 2nd part - Jeju Island