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Yo peeps! This is my old blog, so I've changed the URL to memories-in-korea.blogspot.com . But I'm still keeping it because this experience travelling in Korea really means a lot to me, although I've already let it go ;D. The main thing in this blog is, yeah, about my life in Korea, so don't bother the old month posts. As if anyone knows this blog at all :D. All the post is already in the archive 'by post' section. That's all HEE.
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Monday, November 26, 2007, 9:00 PM
21st Nov 2007 : 1st part - TRAVEL is part of me


Yawn... not used to wake up soo early. 6am wake up call, gather at 7am, then breakfast. I can hardly move myself when mum wakes me up, hehehehe... sleep until soo baby-ish... Swtness, wear until so many clothes, I feel soo fat and fatter in it -_-

Breakfast in hotel, after getting ready we went to the ground floor and eat breakfast. WAO! Scramble eggs again! XD~~ YAY! So yummy! I get to take a picture of it! WAHAHA~

Hehehe.. I saw Eric, okay I'll call him Xiao Xiao from now on, I saw Xiao Xiao, wearing a light brown jacket, when we came down he leads the way for us :D. COOL! When everyone eating, I saw him eating, SO CUTE! WAHAHA~... sad case was, I didnt take a picture of him eating ToT.

They have hams, scramble eggs, salad, rice, potato, coffee, and orange juice. No spoon so I use my fork as spoon. XD Itadakimasu! *ngam ngam*

After breakfast, I go for pee. I realized that I always pee since I came here =X. I asked mum she says that because autumn or winter time we don't sweat, the pee replaces the sweat, thats why. Is that true? zzzz... darn it...

We packed our luggages this morning, because only stay here for a night. To the bus, Xiao Xiao helps to take the luggage and put in the bus. AWW sooo gentleman. hehehehhe.

One of our tour group members, an aunty, which travelled here alone, not so old lah, about 30++ years old I guess. She said last night snowing-ed. WHAT?! Why I didn't see?! tsk tsk...

The weather is getting colder, everywhere SNOW! YEAHH MAN~

Once everyone's in the bus, Uno said we are going to Mount. 'Sorak'(dunno how they spell it) in Suwon, I think, I don't remember. There's even colder, cause we are taking cable car up on to the mountain.

At destination, wooW! The scenery.. Eyes can melt wan, tooo beautiful!! Still got some autumn trees. Wanted to pluck some autumn leaves but later kena scold -_-.

Totally snows everywhere!! :D My shoes are flooded! hahaha... but have to be careful, even though the snows looks easy but you can slipped anytime cause some parts are slippery, there's a few time I almost fall, mum also. LAUGH OUT LOUD! XD~ I took many pics of the sceneries, including Xiao Xiao. hehes. I don't like taking random pictures of myself, don't know why, my looks perhaps? HEHE! Such cold weather, lucky got sun, but NOT GOOD! Sunburn during winter time is the WORST, it can damage your skin, and cause cancer(I think so! Or am I crapping? XD). But I've got sunburn, just skin peeling. I don't like to wear the gloves, so my hand freezing, too thick. Play with snow, soo soft :D! BUT COLD!! WAA hehehee...

Below are the pictures that I took before taking the cable car up to the mountain.

Above pic : That was while Uno was talking about this place. Which is he? The one standing high up with black jacket and hands up LOL. So another thing was, can you spot xiao xiao? XD

Above pic : my name XD~! Hand freezing back then! zzzz

Above pic : Heartz

Above pic : Buddha statue

Above pic : my hand print, cant really see =X

Above pic : My foot print XD~

Time to go on, cable car, go onto the mountain, while in the cable car, I didnt really take pictures of the scenery, instead I took video, I only have 1 picture of the scenery while flying in the cable car. Xiao xiao was the one bought the tickets, heeeeeee

Once we've reached to the top, we went outside to take a good view of the whole scenery, the sun's tooo bright, so I only managed to get one nice picture.

We didn't really do anything on here except taking pictures of sceneries, tour around. Actually can go up higher to see more. But Uno says better not because its snowing and you cant see the trail properly, possible to fall more. Me? I'm detecting Xiao Xiao heheheheh! While waiting to go back down, my and my papa mama stood near the heater. Ahh.. soo warm, and I stood looking for... hehehehe. Soo many people, lucky we came early. That's what Uno has planned. I took alot of Xiao Xiao's pics but I won't post all here, only perfect ones. (his jacket make him look fat DAMN D=)

Above pic : mama and papa, both look like robbers. ahhahaha~

After finishing exploring this Mountain, in the bus Uno says its time to go to Everland! What's that? It's like Disneyland. YAY!!! But I don't think can play everything cause the ticket, only have 5 slots. Sad. The ticket we have to pay for ourselves, 26,000 won per adult!! OMG soo expensive! But I don't care! XD~ On the way to Everland, it takes 3 hours journey to arrive, I'm soo bored so I listened to music to my phone, handsfree. And slept a while. Uno says that he has 3 tunes for us today at Everland, one is Safari ride, Animal Show and watch some 3D Everland cartoon.

Arrived at Everland! OMG! This PLACE IS BEAUTIFUL!! Lots of christmas trees and decorations. Can't believe my eyes! We are rushing to the first tune so I can't take much pics of the place. We took a group photo but its not in my phone so I cant upload it here.

The pics below is when we take some mini 'cable car' to the top of this place.

Time for Safari ride! YAY! Can see animals =D. We hurry up to the Safari station and line up. Xiao Xiao was the one buying the ticket. Ride on the bus, Xiao Xiao didnt go with us =(. Was curious why there are so many gates and protected. First animal we saw was LIONS! OMG they are running and walking everywhere freely! Nowonder need to sit bus instead of some mini train! The animals were separated because its to prevent them for hunting each other. 2nd animal was tiger. 3rd is bear. The bears are sOOO CUTE!! They made some actions when the driver said hi or something to them. It stood up and roar. HOW CUTE! I regret that I didnt sit in front. If not I can see clearly. Here are the pictures ... Some pics are not clear so I didnt put it here.

After that, time for animal show! YIPEE!! The show was fantastic!! But cant take video or pics during the show, I'm too excited watching it until nvr take pic XD. Only took a pic of the stage.
1st part finish -
I'll continue the 2nd part of today on the next post.. TOO MANY!!!