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Yo peeps! This is my old blog, so I've changed the URL to memories-in-korea.blogspot.com . But I'm still keeping it because this experience travelling in Korea really means a lot to me, although I've already let it go ;D. The main thing in this blog is, yeah, about my life in Korea, so don't bother the old month posts. As if anyone knows this blog at all :D. All the post is already in the archive 'by post' section. That's all HEE.
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Tuesday, November 27, 2007, 6:09 PM
22nd Nov 2007 : 2nd part - Worse Thoughts and Best Thoughts

Continued from 22nd Nov 2007 : 1st part - Worse Thoughts and Best Thoughts
Where am I? Oh ya, Lotte World. Damn I didnt take a photo of the entrance, ITS BEAUTIFUL! Same thing, Xiao Xiao was the one buying the tickets again =D. We gather at the entrance, Uno explain where to go and where to gather when time is up. We've got about 3 hours I think. When I go in further, WOOOO!!! Inside this world iss amazing!!! Compare to Everland, I give 50/50! :DD:D!!

The first thing we 'sit' here is some train to tour around this Lotte World. Wao! So many people lining up, we're lining up in some human made tunnel, kinda creepy without light, but got light la duh. Waited for like almost half an hour, finally made it, they divide into groups of 2-3, 1 group go in a space the other group a space, Xiao Xiao didnt come with us =\. The train started, WAAH, I can see beautiful sceneries, time to take pic! I'm beware-ing just incase my hp dropped down -.-. Some pics are blur cuz the train quite fast. Some are indoors some are outdoors.

Too bad can only play 5 things. I wanted to play the "hai dao chuan", its a ship going backwards and frontwards, looks SOO FUN!! But no one sit with me. tsk tsk! Come with parents, if go to this kind of place got no hope T_T! I'm sooo *kecewa(*dissappointed)!! Next thing we go is some Egypt thing, we lined up for like half an hour, soooo many people lining up, all youngsters. Some wearing school uniforms, love their uniforms, malaysia one SUX! XD I thought this Egypt thing is like museum, but no! I went in, on the way saw many egyptian stuff, like mummies, drawings, carvings, etc. As if I'm really in a tomb, creeeeeepy *_*. Until we reached to a place, had to line up again, can't see at the top there but I heard some korean guys' voices, dunno what crap they talking about. Until its me and papa mama's turn, I sat on some Jeep, I'm at the driver's place, the steering wheel in front of me, I thought what is it for, the korean guy, i think he's asking me to place my hand on the wheel. I bet this ride is something face. After a minute's crapping, we start to move. The gate in front of us, opened, we are going to Egyptian World! HAHA! The jeep started like as if its starting its engine, then the speed getting faster, moving in, OMG!! IT'S CREEPY!!! And DARK!! The speed sometimes slowly sometimes fast, and 2 times VERY fast! WAAA lucky I grab the wheel tightly! If not I'll fly away! So many doors here, the mummy and serpent and 'pharaohs' statues are moving, and the music sooo scary, sometimes move very fast and its soo dark you cant even see a thing! VOOM VOOM! You wont even know whats coming! One part its sooo dark and the jeep suddenly drive down very fast! I can't really describe it -_-. Just briefly. One part is, in a dark dark tomb, the door infront and the walls, can see lightning(fake la duh), woooo, i'm scared -_-! But its interesting! Mum had a shock too! HAHA

After that, we went to some folk museum. No nid to line up. Nobody at all! Got la, just abit. The museum was fantastic, kinda boring. But took pics of interesting thingys.

For dinner, we had fast food again, the service is DAMNN SLOWW!!! Me and papa mama ordered 8 fried chickens, which is family package. And hot chocolate :D!!!! YAY YUMMY!! Too bad I didnt take pic of the food.. why did I forget?! Grrr...
Times gonna up soon, we went around and see some souvenir shops. Near the entrance at the shop, I saw something I want to buy. But didn't cuz no time. Sadd. The ticket still got 2 more slot, what a waste!! Felt sorry for Xiao Xiao cuz he's the one who so xin ku buy the tickets =(.
Everyone gathered. Time to go bak to hotel. When taking the luggages, I purposely wait for mum and dad cuz I wanna see him helping ppl take luggage :D. Didnt take photo of the room because I don't feel like taking it. And mum complain the room tooo gloomy, but I got no prob. Read comics!!