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Thursday, November 29, 2007, 8:52 PM
26th Nov 2007 : Farewell, Korea

Sob. Today's the last day in Korea. Tsk tsk. I don't wanna leave T_T! But soo many friends waiting for me in Malaysia, and I duwanna be alone here. So I had no choice. =\

Had breakfast in Jeju, scramble eggs again!! And porridge, etc. XD After that have to go to the airport and fly back to Seoul. In the bus I took photo of my sad face LOL! And an aeroplane, Korean Air plane. Too wuliao.

After we got a bus in Seoul(not the same bus, lucky because I don't want to remind myself of him anymore D:). Nah he's not with us. We went to Fifa World Cup 2004 Korea and Japan. Something like that. Nope there's no match today. We just visit inside, the souvenir shop. Plenty of football stuff inside, lucky I've no interest in football XD. Wanted to visit inside the stadium, had to pay 2,100 won per person. So we just look around, take photos.

Had good lunch. So YUMMEH! But this is the last time I'm eating in Korea liaos. So must EAT KAW KAW!!! Had one an a half bowl of rice. Added more kimchi. Sigh.

After that we went to visit some local product place. There selling MANY kinds of biscuits, chocolates, tea, seaweeds, ginseng stuff, etc. I bought some nuts, seaweed biscuits, and dad bought ginseng tea(swt), and etc. I don't know the total, cuz dad's the one paying it. hahaha~ We get to try MANY kinds of biscuits and chocolates here. I eat until... hmm... lost count XD~ I ter-eat some ginseng chocolate, mum also, we were like 'puking' on a tissue LOL!!! XD~ EEeeee....

On the way back to the bus I took a picture of ppl selling Saekdong Chogori :P. PHEW lucky this time no one stop me ahhahahaha. Cuz before I take I look at the ceiling and see whether got CCTV. hahahaha I'm smart XP!

Time to go back. To the airport. Goodbye Korea. The flight time is about 2hours away. So bored la. So I just walk around and sit at a place in the airport.

Above pic : hehehhe. can drink wan. this one is auto sensor. there's another 1 beside it. At first the one beside it I thought is auto sensor also. Mum go and put her mouth at the hole there for so long nothing come out, hahahha, "yuan lai ru ci", you had to push the button for the water to come out!! LAUGH OUT LOUD!! XD!!!

Above pic : took a pic of the korean air ticket.

Above pic : Lotte World ticket. I'm keeping it =).

Above pic : mum chit chatting with other ladies.

Above pic : take picture with Uno and others. Not all.

Above pic : Mum and dad. I wasn't there that time. Was sitting on the chairs, playing my phone. So boring. I missed Xiao Xiao =\.



(For conclusion for this trip, I'll type it in a new post soon, won't be long)