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Monday, November 26, 2007, 7:38 PM
19th & 20th Nov 2007 : Day of Departure and Day of a new experience

AH! Finally! Today's the day! =D

I will skip what I did in the morning(the usual, play GE), afternoon, and evening.
I left home at 10.00p.m. So excited that this day has finally come.
The tour guide's name is Jayckson Tang. But he bo lengzai, sad =(. But quite young I guess. Damn I didn't take a picture of him LOL. Hoping to see more leng zai in Korea SOON! :D

Fly in the plane soo shiok! I missed everyone, friends, GE, anime... sigh...I flied at 1am+. The air 'stewardress'(dunno spell) is soo pretty! :O... their skin soo smooth and white! Zzz... When serving food, they thought I'm Korean. I was like "What they talking about? -_-" But of course they know chinese and english, if not how to serve people!! =X
For breakfast in the plane, I ate scramble eggs! :D FIRST TIME AND IT'S YUMMY!! Wahahahhohoho....
Reach at the Incheon International Airport in Seoul at around 7am-8am++. It's already 20th of november. Wah! So cold!! It was still autumn. Not the first time, last few years I went to Europe was also autumn. =D Sadness, I didn't put on my thermal wear, can I take it for the whole day?! Zzzzz...
Not enough sleep. T_T

Took a lame half picture of me in the airport.

Arrived in the airport, Jackyson intro to us the Korean tour guide, which will be leading us from today onward, to visit Korea. He looks exactly like a Korean, but that time I don't know where's he from. He knows how to speak chinese, too bad not english, mum can't understand LOL. He lead us to the bus..

Outside the airport, when I'm walking towards the bus, I saw this young man, with specs, hairs like Hyun Bin's(the Korean drama The Snow Queen), PERFECT body figure, helping out carrying the luggages into the bus. WOW! HE'S SOO *KAKKOI!! [kakkoi = cool]! I might wanna stalk him. LOL!

In the bus, the Korean tour guide intro himself. The name's Uno, a shortcut name so that everyone do not have to call him his korean name. He looks unexperience but actually its the exact opposite. He only speaks chinese with us.

Now the time comes! Uno intros the kakkoi guy that I'm talking about! :D!! His name is Eric, is also a shortcut name, I guess. He's a photographer. Not so pro. Uno says that Korean people don't know english but still got english name, everyone laughs. OMG Eric <33,>

Lunch time, on the way Uno talk good craps about Korean thingys that now I can't remember. His chinese is soo freaking good :D. Way better than mine :O. So sometimes I don't get what he's taking about.

We reached in the restaurant, waaaa the food looks yummy, I took a pic of it :D, the dishes is eveready on the table.

The drinks are only water, in a bottle, to pour in cups of your own. And Kimchi!! OHH!! Finally I can eat some!! XDD~ YUMMY~~~~~~~~~~ *ngam ngam*

It's soo delicious, the rice has good smell, the chopsticks is like flattern, not easy to use (forgot to take a picture of the chopstick =\), and the rice bowl, all made of stainless steel metal, COOL! At first I thought where the rice is, swt! It's in a metal bowl, and a metal cover! GOOD IDEA! It's to keep the rice warm and yummy. While eating, Eric serves us, such as chilli, more soup, kimchi, etc. SUCH A GENTLEMAN!! :D At first I thought, "Is he the waiter here?", but nope, he just helps us to serve because it's our first time eating Korean goodies. Ahh...

After lunch, I sat on my seat in the bus, wanting to take a good pic of Eric outside by the window, I only took a blur one, better than nothing! XD

Next stop is Nami Island. YAY! What place is that, you say. Ever watch the VERY popular Korean drama, Winter Sonata? If you have, then you will know where is it. It's the island where the drama takes place, took plenty of pics in here. It's still ending and almost starting of winter, so some places in Korea havent snow yet, Nami island? YES! The place here is BEAUTIFUL, and very very cold.

This picture above is him, Eric, LOL! Lame, I know -_-.

So you know this picture above? Two snowmans together, Bae Yong Jun and Choi Ji Woo in Winter Sonata made this together in the drama. I SAW IT WITH MY OWN EYES!! YEAYY!!! But it's not snow, it's some kind of hardened thingy.

More pictures below!!

Above pic : people gathering around to the fireplace. for wat? to get warm la! LOL! The last one on the right is Eric. hehehhe...

Above pic : Eric is in here again :D LOL!! Can you spot him? XP

Above pic : Left side is my dad, the one on my dad's right side is him. wahahhahaha...

Finish exploring the island, can't wait to go back to the bus, SOO COLDD!! Eric eric <3,>

Took the ferry back to the main area. Uno lead us back to the bus. One wholeday, at Nami Island... COOL! I don't really remember where else I went, and what I ate for dinner, gaahhh I didnt take picture of the dinner!! T_T

OH YA! After that we all went to some shopping area in Seoul. WAO! So many things to see, soooo many winter clothes, boots(i want one D=), etc. Haven't bought anything yet, cuz there might still be chance to shop other things, and cheaper. Bought hot chocolate in McD, cuz too cold.. OMG the hot chocolate is ... heavenly!!! XD First time!! I felt like I'm in heaven when I drink it!! HAHA!! Why Malaysia don't have hot choco?! T_T... LAME-O!

I remember one part, me and my papa mama so cold, we stand in front of a clothes shop, the sales girl in there look so fierce and gloomy -_-. Until we blocking the entrance of the shop, she SHOO-ed us away as if we were cats. LOL! F her la! People cold ma! Nobody go your shop aso! aiyo~~!... And when we waiting till times up, Eric showed up, he's kinda jumping, why jumping? COLD la.. hahaha... so cute ler... too bad I didnt take pic, tsk...

Bla bla bla... after dinner... its time to go back to the hotel, cant wait I'm sooo damn tired!! D=

In the bus, Uno said that this hotel has no bed. NO BED?! OMG....
But when we arrived in the hotel, our room, it's not like what I thought. It has pillows and 'mattress'(duno spell) in the cupboard. PHEW! Better than nothing! And what's COOL about this hotel room was, it has two more bedrooms in it, one of them is MINE and only of course! :D YAY I can sleep tonight without hearing my dad snoring... heeeee...

Not only two bedrooms, this room has a kitchen and dining table. GOOD toilet also! OH YA! Forgot to mention, Korea toilets has no pipes to wash, so everyday will get smelly down there. Sienn... I took pic of the room... see below~

Above pic : LOL.... LAME...

FINALLY I'm done with the first day! Time to sleep! Before sleep I ate snacks, read comics, and play my handphone. GOOD NIGHT!