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Monday, November 26, 2007, 11:14 PM
21st Nov 2007 : 2nd part - TRAVEL is part of me

Continued from 1st part...

The animal show stage looks like this..

The show was awesome!! But the host is a gal, kinda cute, the personality, but I dunno what the heck she's talking about the whole time. One of the best part was, the guinea pig!! It walk pass the stage 2 times, run soo fast, wearing shirt, SOO CUTE!! I regret i didnt take the pic T_T... and another 1 was... the hamsters... one bunch of hamsters running in a row... OMG SOO CUTEE!! =DDDD And etc.

The next fun thing is to watch some Everland 3D cartoon. We lined up inside, can't take pic inside becuz its kinda dark. To watch the short movie, we have to put on some glasses. Once we got in, waited quite long, they let us watch the TV, which intro about whats the movie is gonna be like. Then we go in, Uno says the seats will move during the show, no no, not scary, just shaking. Have to put the bags and stuff underneath the seat. When the show start, I got a shocked. 3D, the cartoons in the show is like popping out, as if I'm there! As if they could touch me! WOOOOOOOOO.. I'll tell you more details, lets say, there's a cartoon character falling down from a waterfall, when hit the water, then I felt water splashing on my face, not soo much, as if I'm that character!! Get it????? LOL. One more, lets say, hmm... the character is flying, and the seats im sitting on also like moving foward and lifting, as if i'm the one flying!! GET IT?! LOL.... its fun!! Kinda creepy cuz as if the characters could touch you, you could feel any actions in it!! But I don't understand what the cartoons are talking about, cuz its in korean, sien....

Xiao xiao is not with us, where is he?! LOL...

Now is our freetime, we can go anywhere, but first things first, we going to the Christmas area.

Once I stepped into the place, OMG!!!! IT'S LIKE HEAVEN!! The christmas trees, shining, the snow, the decorations, I took ALOT OF PIC!! WAHAHAHA~~~ Me and my parents also sat on the train and move around this area.

It's getting dark. During winter, after 5pm is already like 7pm-8pm(in Malaysia). Time for dinner. I still can't spot Xiao Xiao =\. My dinner is fast food, with hot chocolate of course!! XD.. The burger is DAMN HUGE, but yummy!! The meat is sooo tender. The girl at the counter, at first I think my dad will be in trouble if the girl doesnt know how to speak english, but she noes!! ABIT! LUCKY! Pheww~~ We 3 ate burgers. For dinner, but I forgot how much it is. The pic below is my dinner.

After eating, go for toilet. Mum said when she go toilet she saw these gang of gals in there. Few of them is like bullying another girl, asking for money. After that I duno what happened. FUIYO, cant believe korea got these kind of girls. Not just a pretty face huh? XD

Still got plenty of time, we walk around Everland, its alrd 6pm++ and its like 9pm already. We go to various souvenir shops. I bought a handphone keychain, 6 thousand won. LOL. It's carved there 'Everland'. I wanted an everland-animal like beanie, 15 thousand won, mum dun let T_T. Everyone's wearing it =\.

I took a picture of a bunch of soft toys at a shop, its soo cute.

After that, me and papa mama went back to the bus. But we were too early. The driver wasnt here =\. So we waited and sit on a bench a while. Once the driver's here, and everyone's here. We went back to hotel. It looks like the previous hotel, but no bedrooms, have to sleep in the main room together. This hotel is a skii hotel, YEAS tomorrow ski!! But as a beginnner, we must becareful :D. Sooo many youngsters in here, all come to skii, as we were the first customers of the year to ski, because the skii thingy has just opened only. wahahhaha!! After putting the luggages in the room, me and papa mama went down to Family Mart and buy some snacks. We met Xiao Xiao there, he was carrying a basket and looking around, he said hello, and mum hello back. I just smiled at him, didnt say anything, COWARD ME! LOL.... I bought ice cream and some junk food. Wakakakakokokohuhuhuhuhu...~
Back at the room, the pillow is the WORST! It's sooo hard like hardened hotdog!! It's like the olden days pillow! My god! Lucky we used the extra "mattress" as pillow, hahahaha....
As usual, i drank milo and play phone and hanging around in the room b4 sleep....
GOOOOOD NIIIIIIIIGGGGGGGGGHTTT! (I hope i didnt missed out anything here =\)