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Wednesday, November 28, 2007, 7:09 PM
24th Nov 2007 : The Day You Left, Will I Ever See You Again?

Annyonghaseiyo annyonghaseiyo annyonghaseiyo!!! LOL!

6.30am. Sien not enough sleep T_T. I think today's photos wont be alot. So will be kinda bored BUT STILL MUST READ!! I soo sam fu le... =\

WAAA~ I saw Xiao Xiao wearing black suit today!! *fainted* *screams* OMG I'll definitely take a picture hahahahahaha~! He's always an eye opener :D:D

Breakfast. Porridge again. It's TASTELESS!! T_T. Ate two eggs. hehehehes. Not scramble eggs.. sigh. He still serves us with his kakkoi suit :D. Awwwhhness... It's a huge area. Not buffet. Like normal. After breakfast we get to go to some Korean Ginseng building, something like that. I took pic of Xiao Xiao too. :D But I forgot when is when - -.

Arrived at ginseng place. You might say, "Ginseng oni ma, what is so special", NONO you are SOO wrong!! Korean ginseng is the best in the world, Uno said. 6 years of ginseng plantation is most nutritive. It has all the goooood nutrients inside the ginseng. I don't know how to explain. Ginseng also looks like human, got female and male. The male one, *clearing throat*, it has the "xiao didi", I saw it -_-. The female one dont have. DARN I never take the photo of it!! If not it would be exciting! XD I'll type out the introduction of ginseng.

Since the olden days, Ginseng has been named as "The spirit of a thousand grass and the king of hundred medicines". Ginseng is also known to reduce heatiness in the body, and is the cure for hundreds of bodily pain and diseases. In recent years, medical professionals and researches have found that Ginseng contain elements that improve blood circulation, stabilize blood pressure, and protect internal organs. Korean Taekuk Ginseng - a product of Korea, is grown in an environment where the weather, soil and time, play an important role. This resulted in the creation of a natural and special product.
See? Good right? LOL. I got that intro from some paper. Ginseng is also good for health and beauty. LOL. The people here that explains about the goodiness of the ginseng, knows how to speak many languages, I think except english. My poor mama. hehes. They explain explain, shows how power korean ginseng is. In a room, they let us try ginseng drinks, I tried it, not bad, cuz they mix with some other flavoring i think. Mum dun dare to try, LOL! And they let me try some ginseng fruit, OMG THE TASTE IS HORRIBLE!! TOO GINSENG-ISH!! I look back to my mum and say, "gimme tissue, faster, bo ho chiak la". Hahahahhaa!! She laughed at me -_-. My dad eat like as if he's a pro -.-. The sales girl says that you can only buy pure korean ginsengs in this place only, other places might have but it make be fake. So you can only trust here. The gal keep convincing my mama papa to buy, and keep intro-ing diff kinds of ginseng drinks and pills, and tell us about how good is it. But TOO EXPENSIVE, I know health more important, mum say had to eat whole life oni good, this 1 if buy then finish liao then no more d, I was like "yameh". It's RM3000 malaysian money, sickening man! LOL. Me and mum ran away to the toilet. To get rid of them hahahahaha~ Do I want those ginseng thingys? of course!! But can't - -.

After visiting little ginsengs, zzz, we are going to some crystal shop, all Amethyst. SOO PRETTY!!! I thought I didn't get to buy any of it, but got some offer, 3 Amethyst handphone keychain for RM120 malaysian, 30$ USD, mum allow me to buy it. Using Malaysian money. I picked a cross, mickey mouse, and four leaf clover. They give free necklace and help me wear it. COOL! This crystal has 3 classes, A, B, and C. I don't know which class one I bought, C? LOL!

After that! Time to visit some korean herbal thingy. In different building of course. It's from some sort of worms. It's healthy to take. They let us try some, its way yummier than ginseng drink. The people intro some specialties, just like how they intro ginseng. Mama papa bought some herbal thingy pills, for liver. My liver got some prob ever since I took some pill. But I already stop eating it. How much was it again? Lemme think. Err.. I forgot!! Shyyt. But it's cheaper than ginseng, duh! Dad use credit card hehehe. It has nice packaging. Too bad I didnt take photo of the herbal thingys. It's got unique looks.

Lunch time!! OHYA, remember yesterday's lunch? It's actually today's! I put in the wrong post! LOL! The one with rice and put some eggs and veges, and some kicaps, like fried rice wan! Hahaha~ And some other dishes. I took pic this time XD! He still serving us XD. Xiao xiao~

After lunch. In the bus, Uno said that Eric aka Xiao Xiao wont be following us to Jeju Island later. OMG!!!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! I'm SOO SHOCKK!! WHY?! T_T No mood liao. I got sooo many things in my mind that time. I won't write out here soo much. But got 1 thing I want the most before he leave, to take a picture with him. I'm nervous, hope mum will help me. Farewell .. tsk tsk...

Reach the airport, some members will be going back to malaysia today, some still staying and going to jeju. Sigh.. I was soo nervous, how to ask him to take pic??!?!?!? I beg mum. LOL. She go towards him(after all luggages were down and he's already saying goodbye), and ask to take a pic, and WHAT THE FUCK!!!! Mum go stand beside him, then I had to stand beside mom, NOOOOOOOOOO THATS MY PLACE!! I wanted to go the other side but I scare people misunderstood, tsk tsk... I no moood liao, I complain to mum, know what she say??!??! "Girl and young man canot stand together ma", and she smiled. WTF!!! T_T.... When taking pic, when he was halfway saying "xiao xiao", dad took the pic, it ended like, his mouth half open. WTH...

I dont wanna talk about this anymore. Can't stop thinking LOL. Lets skip. Time to fly to Jeju Island. The time taken was 50 minutes. Uno say, if we take ship go, need 12 hours!! WAAA!! soo long!! LOL. We reached there is already DARK. We took picture of some rock, that looks like a dragon coming up to the island. Can't take the pic, cuz too dark. We went some souvenir shop. Didnt buy anything. NO MOOD!!!
I saw this lady in an tangerine shop. She's blowing her @@@ ! !! OMG!! hahahahah!!

Dinner, ate fish.

Okay, went bak to hotel. This is one of the best hotel XD~~