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Thursday, November 29, 2007, 6:19 PM
25th Nov 2007 : 1st part - Jeju Island

Ohayo ! 7am. Time to get ready and tour around Jeju! WAHOOO! I took pictures of the room and the scenery outside. It's AMAZING!

Ate Abalone porridge, 2 eggs, strawberry jam for breakfast. The porridge is wasted as it was tasteless. =\ In the bus, Uno said that Jeju Island is also known is "San Duo" Island. On our way, we are going to see some huge rock called Oedolgae Rock(The Lonely Rock), it has the face of a man, with some cap or bushy hair(plants) on top of it, interesting. And the sea is beautiful.

After that, we went to see some sceneries on a mountain. I've took quite few pictures of the sceneries. Saw a very pretty building, mum said she watched one korean drama last time, they shooted this building it in. Not much as the sun is too bright. I saw these purple flowers, wonder what it called, and *kachak*. I plugged 2 of it(how mean XD), and it's still with me now, but already *layu(wilted). I didn't go up the mountain to the fullest because I'm tired, papa is strong so he continue going. And he took the sceneries up on the mountain. hehes.

Before this, in the bus Uno said that this place we are going is selling Jeju's famous chocolates and goodies. He advice us to buy at one shop that let us test try the chocolates. My family bought 4(x4 boxes in each package) packs of different flavours of chocolates. Of course we tried it, its YUMMIELICIOUS!! :D Total 40,000 won. Free 2 packs of Jeju orange flavour candies. Before buying these me and mum went tour around souvenir shops, I saw one shop selling cheap four leaf clover crystal thingy, like the one I've bought before, only 4,000 won. At first mum don't buy, cuz I wanna buy for my tuition teacher, that has already thought me for about 7 years(WOW?!). After buying the chocolate, mum finally let me buy XD!! YEHAAAAAA~ When I'm buying this crystal thing, I came back to the goodies shop I saw mama papa buying some Jeju crunches, and free another 2 pack of orange candies. COOL!

Today's lunch is the BEST ever in this trip to Korea. I ate 2 bowls of rice, added more kimchi's and meat too. Uno doesn't want to tell us further details about the meat we are eating(DELICIOUSS!!), after we ate, he told us that the meat is some wild boar's meat(OMG!), that pig we saw in the village after we eat.


To be continued in 2nd part - Jeju Island