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Tuesday, November 27, 2007, 3:53 PM
22nd Nov 2007 : 1st part - Worse Thoughts and Best Thoughts

Yo yo!!~ Whats up~
Woke up at 7am++. YYAWN~ YAY TODAY SKII!~
As usual. We get ready and go down and get some breakfast. Also Xiao Xiao is the one who always lead the way. =DD! I keep looking at... hehhehe....
Ate scramble eggs again. YAHOOO!! I know one bad but good thing to me, come to Korea will get high cholesterol, everyday eat eggs!! =X tsk tsk i didnt take a pic of the breakfast.... Now I typing this I totally forgot how it looks like. -o- But I know that mum don't eat much of the scramble eggs so she gave her mine :D. *Oishi desu! (*delicious)

After breakfast, we went back to the room to change. Because skiiing, don't have to wear too many clothes, 1 set is enough. Cause the skii thingy people will provide you their skii clothings.
Back at downstairs, after some good craps of Uno's(dont remember what it was), Xiao Xiao(XD) lead the way to the skii get-ready-place. Uno asked us to line up, the first thing we get was the skii jacket and pants. WHOA! They just looked at us and know our size, and hand over the jackets. -_- COOL? zzz. After me and mum got the things we need, we went to the female changing room to change. So many people in there *_*. Only got 3 rooms inside. 2 people in each. You don't have to take off your normal clothes, you just put on the skii clothes over it. I wore the pants first. MAN LUCKY IT FITS! HAHA. Mum had trouble wearing it LOL! I had to help her zzz. Then the shirt. WAAA! SO THICK AND BIG!! And soo protective. Holy. I starting to get hot here.

The next thing is, skii shoes. Darn. It looks HUGE. We lined up and measure our sizes. Uno was the one measuring. Gosh. He's soo pro. But why Xiao Xiao never going to skii?! T_T I bet. Because he needs to take photographs of us all. Sad. =\ . At first I measure my foot size was 250(Korean shoe sizes are like that), then Uno wrote on the info paper 270. What? Soo big? Then I thought, maybe if its too small, it will be TIGHTER. Oh I see. We took off our shoes then measure. Then go to the next counter to get the skii shoes. OMG. It's huge-er than you think! Big foot! Baby elephant foot! Giant's middle finger! WAA! It took a while to get your shoes. OMG. It's not only HUGE, it's also HEAVY! FUUHH! Had to carry with both hands. Gahness. I thought I was a strong girl I took with 1 hand but then... LOL! NEXT counter is to get the skii board and skii stick. The guy that controls the counter, he measures the skii shoes to the skii board, if perfect he will hand it to us. I thought it was way lighter than the skii shoes. But its exactly the opposite. Especially the skii board. It's the heaviest! OMGness. My strength is limited. The skii stick? Way light. Like I'm carrying 2 bottles of water. No. NO. NOO. Now I thought skii is not fun with such heavy stuff anyore. SIEN.

Time to wear the skii shoes. *sigh*. Xiao Xiao help the people wear the shoes at the other side. Why not my side?! =\. Who helped on my side? Jayckson. The tour leader. SADD!! ToT. I keep looking at the other side :D. Xiao Xiao took off his jacket. And WOOOO! Know what I see?! I can see clearly his body figure!! WAHHAHA SOO SEXYY! YUM YUM~ He bends down and help people thighten their shoes. SEXY SEXY until now I still remember how its like XD. LMAO (i know its LAME LA i cant help it!! @#@$@!#$@#%@) . Come to think back, I want to see him again ='(. Why am I soo distracted by Xiao Xiao? Maybe because his body figure is like Hyun Bin's. SOOO *KAKKOI(*cool/yeng)!! Don't see the face, see the body!! SEXY!! :DD:D:D Aww I miss him XP.

Okay okay I know you're like "Oh brother" now, lets continue. Where am i? *thinking* Xiao Xiao... OH! I put on my shoe, Jayckson came to thighten my shoes. WAA!! I guess I really need size 280-290!! The shoe is like eating my legs!! NOO. But they say its like that wan. So I didn't complain for a change. Mum and dad also say its tight. VERY TIGHT. After saying a thank you to Jayckson(see I'm so polite zz), I tried to get up and walk. HOLY SHYT. I can hardly move at all! Not only because it hurts! Not only because its freaking tight! HEAVYYY!! It's like 3 seconds per step at normal speed! OMG. OUCH. I felt like quitting. But I duwanna let people see I'm such person so.. I'll continue!! Ganbate!! Ganbate!! GO go GO! I walk abit. Then after mama papa is ready. We took a pic. But my face is urrgh so I use paint and rub it off. GOD I LOOK FATTER IN IT! Zzzz.. Clothings too thick.. Swt mum look so WAY weird with her sunglasses - - HAHAHA~

It's soo hard to just walk. Lucky it has the skii stick. It supports when walking and skii-ing. GOSH. It takes a LONG time just to walk out of the place to the skii field. My leg hurts. But no choice. I walk walk walk, halfway there, what happened? POOF! I fell down -.-. I ran out of control. Lost Focus! What's at fault? The shoes! MAN if you fall down its not easy to get up. Thanks to the skii stick LOL! SOOO PAISEH LA! Havent even started to skii already fall down. Lucky dad didnt take a picture of that - -. siennn. I think Xiao Xiao didnt see it, phheeewww. I fell down on snow, so it doesnt really hurt XP. Like I fell on my own bed zzzz. Just my poor legs. Now to continue walking to the spot we are gathering at. Everyone is there. I didnt know I was one of the slowest to reach there! NOOO! I'm like a snail! Even my parents beat me to it! PAISEH. PAI KUA. Reached at the spot, I saw Xiao Xiao, with his camera, and OMG he's not wearing jacket!! There's good and bad thing about it, good thing is, *laughs evily*, I can see his... HEHEEHE LOL, if you know what i'm saying then GOOD. The bad thing is, what if he cold?! I'll get worried ='(. But I don't think so, cause he moves around, and the sun's heat and light quite strong. I bet he'll sweat instead.

Once everyone is here, Uno starts to teach us the basics. Firstly(I forgot), err. Nvm I'll mix it up and tell you what I remember. He teaches us about the safeties. To walk uphill, have to walk side ways, cuz if you walk like normal people with the skii board, you will go backwards instead of frontwards. Because its a SLOPE la duh!! SHYT. I can't even move from my spot. DAMN ICE its soo slippery =\. Not even half a minute, he demonstrate how to move. He say if we fall, don't fall front ways or back ways, too dangerous you might hurt your head or back. Fall side ways left or right, knees bend. To get up, use the skii stick to help. I saw him demonstrate, his actions like, as if he did it SOO EASILY!! Aiya what to do, he already sooo many years become tour guide. Abeden la. Okay, next one is, how to break. While skii, if you wanna break, adjust your skii boards become 'A' shape. When skii-ing, 'H' shape. And must bend down your body.
Support with skii stick. Get it ma?

Now everyone try to walk up(sideways, leg by leg), GOSH I can't even move! I kept sliding down! I'm too NOOBISH! tsk tsk . Xiao Xiao come help me ='(. He's helping others. yerrr. People say if you're good at roller skates you can handle skii much better. THAT WAS A LIE! TOTALLY DIFFERENT. While I'm halfway giving up, dad took pictures of me and mum.

People and the kids seems to be having lots of fun. Some falling down, still laughing. Xiao Xiao helping them, soooo gently! XD My legs numb, shyt. How am I suppose to continue?! And LOL! I'm starting to sweat! HAHA! Can you believe it?! Too much work done. Mum looked at my giving-up-look-and-actions, she came to help me abit by talks. That kinda help, but I still can't go up, I keep sliding down -_-. Dumbo. Mum went back to the lounge first. Her skin lousy, cannot get too much sun burn. Before that, Xiao Xiao pass by. I can't move so.. mum ask him to help me take out the shoes from the board. Then I forgot what happen, I putting back the shoes to the board, so hard! Need to use foot strength to click it. The board keep sliding away, Xiao Xiao help me grab it to the spot. Awww. Felt happy. I couldnt click it -_-. Everytime he's like "yi, er, san" my click was like total failure - -. He laugh at me. I don't feel annoyed instead I feel happy! HE LAUGH AT ME! WOOO! Nice laughing! HAHA~ FYI, he know abit of chinese. One more time, "yi, er, san", YAY I did it! WOOO~ Now for the left side, hardest. Took about 4 turns of click. Then clicked. FOOH. *Susahnya(hard)! Cuz my left foot hurts. After that mum ask him to help me move to papa. So have to take off the board. Now I can move to the spot where papa is. So Xiao Xiao helped me take it off. Felt so happy in the inside :D. I moved to the spot, slowly and steady. But, Xiao Xiao misunderstood! He thought I duwanna play liao, so when I move to papa's place, he didn't take the board for me -_-. Nevermind la. I don't feel like playing already anyway. I just looked at others. And him :D. He taking pictures of others, before, when and after skii-ing. I just stood there. And LOL! I saw dad sliding backwards and fall on his ass. HAHA, the poor man LOL! NO NO NO injuries, he said just some muscle pull. After that, got 1 small kiddy(gal) suddenly fall down on my side, I hand over my palm to help her get up. IT WORKS! SEE HOW GOOD I AM? waahhahahahhohhoo~ I saw Xiao Xiao carrying a kiddy(soo cute) to move to another spot. He's a PERFECT DADDY! :DD My dad don't wanna play already, Xiao Xiao came and ask "No picture?", dad say that we are going back to the lounge. Xiao Xiao don't understand. LOL. So pity! He say "I dunno", and shake his hands. Swtness. After saying okay, me and dad walk back. He carrying his and my skii board. While I carry his and my skii stick. GOOSHH, soo long to go back there. My leg could break! JIAYOU!

AH! Finally! Saw mum taking her skii clothes to return it back. She ask why duwan play liao. I say, cannot take it anymore. I go to the seat, took off my skii clothes, and shoes, omg my legs all red -_-!! Mum say, "waaa, why din tell them its too tight?", I was like, "I thought its like dat wan ma". Zzz. A while later, we saw Uno coming in. He ask why never play liao, we answer the same. Tired. Cannot take it. etc. LOL. A few mins later, me and papa mama went back to the hotel room and get changed. I sweated. LOL. My thermal wear stinks hahahaa! After I bath, mum say when dad smelled my thermal wear he wanna *pengsan(faint)!! LOL!!! Who ask him go smell! hahahaha~! I changed to other clothes. Felt better now. My poor leg T_T.

In the hotel lobby, slowly everyone started to gather together. The 3 ladies, which each travels alone, 1 of them, her leg pain cuz yesterday fall down, so the other 2 including her also never skii. While waiting for the bus, I tour around the lobby, I saw Xiao Xiao sitting on the chair, and I succesfully took a pic! OH YA, forgot to intro another helper, the one sitting next to him is Peter. Got more pics but I better dun put too much wait you all duwan to read my blog liao! XD~

The bus came. Time for lunch. It's already pass noon. I'm starving. When arrived there, I smell food, YUMMY~ Its BBQ, in other way, I think. While waiting for the meat to cook, I took a pic of it :D.

I also took a picture of Xiao Xiao mixing the meat. :D LOL! Does he know that I took pic of him? NO! I pretend to play with my hp, then *kachak!* haha~

(What I say what I say!!! DONT see the face, see the body!!!)

Lovee the food, *burp*. OOPs. zzz. But soo cold, we are sitting on the floor, and we are next to the door! Wind blow like crazy!! Burrrrzz...! its like this(look down, dad took this pic).

COOL? Hahas. Next stop is shopping mall, Uno brought us there to shop around 2-3hours. He say go until 7th floor enough, because after that is only restaurants. WOW! First I went in there, I saw SOO many winter clothings! BOOTS!! OMG, but look at the price, its sooo pricey. It may be quite cheap to korean, but to us malaysian, ohoho, buy 1 shirt also *pokkai liao(*broke). Because 1000 won is about RM4. I saw the clothes, 134000 won!! WAAA. Buy liao can become siao LOL. But I took the change to take some picture of the stuff selling here, I took pic of a doll wearing the winter clothes, kena scold by the sales girl XD~, but I dont care wwahahhaha!

The winter clothes make me drool. But can't buy. Wait no more won to buy souvenirs for people. =\. All the clothes reminds me of one recent Korean drama played in Malaysia, The Snow Queen, reminds me of the main girl named Kim Bo-ra(real name Sung Yu-ri), she's sooo glamour!! I was thinking, why never bring us to cheaper place? Mum asked Jayckson he said here is already one of the cheap shops. REALLY? WAO. At 4th or 5th or 6th floor, many souvenirs selling there, I saw one shop selling Korean male hunks stuff, I SAW HYUN BIN'S!! Omgness! I WANT. It's contact cards. Contact cards only ma. SO WHAT?! I love it!! And the calendar... *drools*. The sales girl was like persuading me to buy, I want! Dad bought some handphone keychains, 7000 won for 10, I want hyun bin!! Mum don't let, I felt soo unfair =(. After that no mood liao, LOL. Hyun bin always reminds me of Jiro Wang Dong Cheng and Xiao Xiao, 3 of them almost the same! WAhoooo~
After window shopping ended, we went into the bus, Uno said he's bringing us to Lotte World. Whats that? Like Everland also, but it has indoors and outdoors, we are heading to indoors.
To be continued for 22nd of Nov 2007 : 2nd part - Worse Thoughts and Best Thoughts