'Cause I'm not comin' back
I'm closin' the door

Yo peeps! This is my old blog, so I've changed the URL to memories-in-korea.blogspot.com . But I'm still keeping it because this experience travelling in Korea really means a lot to me, although I've already let it go ;D. The main thing in this blog is, yeah, about my life in Korea, so don't bother the old month posts. As if anyone knows this blog at all :D. All the post is already in the archive 'by post' section. That's all HEE.
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26th Nov 2007 : Farewell, Korea
25th Nov 2007 : 2nd part - Jeju Island
25th Nov 2007 : 1st part - Jeju Island
24th Nov 2007 : The Day You Left, Will I Ever See ...
23rd Nov 2007 : 2nd part - Memoirs of "Akashi"
23rd Nov 2007 : 1st part - Memoirs of "Akashi"
22nd Nov 2007 : 2nd part - Worse Thoughts and Best...
22nd Nov 2007 : 1st part - Worse Thoughts and Best...
21st Nov 2007 : 2nd part - TRAVEL is part of me
21st Nov 2007 : 1st part - TRAVEL is part of me

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Tuesday, June 12, 2007, 12:10 AM

Aiyohh.. first time posting blog ler... hahaha... ;D... so not much 'cool' things lorhh...
la la la la la . ... ...