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Yo peeps! This is my old blog, so I've changed the URL to memories-in-korea.blogspot.com . But I'm still keeping it because this experience travelling in Korea really means a lot to me, although I've already let it go ;D. The main thing in this blog is, yeah, about my life in Korea, so don't bother the old month posts. As if anyone knows this blog at all :D. All the post is already in the archive 'by post' section. That's all HEE.
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Wednesday, November 28, 2007, 6:11 PM
23rd Nov 2007 : 2nd part - Memoirs of "Akashi"

Continued from 23rd Nov 2007 : 1st part - Memoirs of "Akashi"

Time for shopping!!! Hope can buy goodies :D.

There are sooooooooooooooo many things selling!! WOW! Can't simply buy, still got Jeju Island to tour. Tomorrow will be going there! :D :D!! The weather soo cold. We have our free time now. Me and papa mama walk around, I saw sOOOO many selling Korean celebs thingys here. I saw Hyun Bin's at a shop :O. I WANT! But I don't think mum lets. Sigh. In a shop, I saw a cap and a bag, so pretty! :D The bag is 12,000 won whereas the cap is 22,000 won. Mum say maybe other place got cheaper one, so she say she leave it for later. Mum look everywhere to find a better bag, cuz her bag she using now is like.. err, cartoon? LOL! On the way, I saw an Ice cream shop, me and mama bought an ice cream. WOW! The ice cream is sooooooo 'tall', dad took the pic of it :D.
I keep asking my mom whether I could buy the Hyun Bin calendar. She keep saying NO. Tsk tsk. Sien... We walk so many places, sooo many things selling. It's like shopping heaven LOL! Until we made a decision, mum let me buy the cap and bag and hyun bin's calendar in the shop before!! And I bought Kim John Hoon's small notebook for my friend, yike yuan, 3,000 won. That is about RM12 Malaysia!!! LOL! And my mom bought a 35,000 won handbag, not nice wan, and it's HUGE! And also some souvenirs. Total is? LOL, about 80,000 ++ won!! POKKAI! HAHA~ And I wanted some rubberband for my hair, I ask the sales girl how much, "Ormayeyo?", she say its a service, means its free!! XD She's soo friendly! hehehehe. The hat and bag looks like that..

After finish shopping, and oh! Dad bought some ginseng tea for his office friends LOL. This time dad really shops alot hahahaha! We waited in some building, where outside is the gathering place, time is almost up, I was sitting on a silver round seat, I went toilet, then a while later I saw these people shooting advertisement about a handphone I guess, and I took a pic of it. The gal keep repeating the same moves, I can sense that she's on fire everytime the director ask her repeat LOL! But I don't know her, never seen before!

Times up, everyone's here. Time for DINNER! Chicken ginseng LOL! I bo take pic of it, wth la I keep forgetting to take picture of the food -_-. But curious thing was, I didn't see Xiao Xiao!! Where is he?! T_T Some say he went to wash the photos he've been taking all this time. Tsk Tsk. We arrived at the restaurant, it's kinda yummy, but the ginseng inside, both me and mom gave to dad, hahahaha I dare not eat it! We just eat one whole chicken, and some noodle and soup in it. Thats all LOL, and some small dishes, kimchi etc.

In the bus, mum keep saying that because Xiao Xiao took photos of us because of $. I hate it when she says that. It's their job what, they wanna earn a living!! GRRRRRRR!!! CHILL!! I DONT Fking care!! hehehees.

Back to hotel 1 hour later. Still didnt see him. Sigh. YEAS TMR GO JEJU!!! Hope that he will go with us =\. I'm using my new bag :D.

Oh ya today my bus accident abit with some car. I don't remember when it happen in today but I'll just type out briefly. When on the way to somewhere, traffic jam, sooo many car, my bus was turning the other way then suddenly this car wanna potong trip, means cut line, then suddenly I heard a "BUUM!!", waaasehh! It was just a little scratch! I first saw the lady(look like ang mo lang) came out, and my bus driver come out, then this man came out and he looks like he wanna kill my bus driver LOL! He's like scolding madly, whose fault is it? I don't know!! So the man(sooooo sensitive 1) called the police to investigate. Waited almost an hour for this, dammit, the police came and wrote down dunno what craps is it. Uno apologised to us, but it's NP for me cuz I can see Xiao Xiao outside :D. Thats all!!

I did the same thing everynight in the hotel room. GOOD NIGHT!!!