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Wednesday, November 28, 2007, 4:47 PM
23rd Nov 2007 : 1st part - Memoirs of "Akashi"

Annyonghaseiyo! :D

Woke up at 6.30am. YAWN x 10000000000000000000000000...

Waaa Friday liaoss...

The usual!! GET READY to go for breakfast. DAMMN I'm wearing my own shirt that I don't like -_-". I went downstairs. And OMG! :O Xiao Xiao wearing black jacket today. WAAAA~~ kakkoi!! LOLs. Wanna shout but can't shout. Wanna faint but cant faint. Hehehes. Okay la today I won't type much about him. Happy? LOL

Time for breakfast. We are off to another restaurant. WOOO~ It's buffet. I didn't know Korea got buffet. XD Whaooo~~ So many foood!! And.. ahem.. My favorite food also.. hehehe... guess what is it... SCRAMBLE EGGS!! WOOO.... aiyo i didnt take pic of the food again... But I know I took scramble eggs, some tauhu, and others I don't remember. Our first stop today is the president's area. Something like that -_-. It's quite a protected place. So before the bus could go in through the gate, the policemen had to check. LOL. As if I'm gonna rob such boring place! :DD We are given time to take pictures around the area. Mama papa kinda enjoying it. I don't -_-. Our tastes are totally different. We saw the president's house. HUGE. But I'm not interested. LOL! While the others are taking pic on the spot, mama papa followed the other family to the president's house. I was like "why move so far away?? must follow them ma". Mum say "Nevermind la. I know you wanna see Xiao Xiao la". I replied a "cheh, abeden". I was thinking "wth? thats not the first thing on my mind!". HAHAs.. I didn't use my handphone and take pics here.. so boring.. but my dad does.. using the camera.

Above pic : WOOT! I took photo of both Jayckson and Xiao Xiao together. I'm soo chunted wahahhaha. Which is which? Oh. The one with very light yellow jacket is Jayckson. The one with black jacket beside Jayckson is Xiao Xiao. COOL right? hahahaha. Both are holding cameras. Xiao Xiao is VERY good with kids, always fooling and playing around with the kids in my tour group, too bad I ain't a kid!! =O And you see the little kiddy there with an animal beanie on his head? CUTE RIGHT?! XD(this pic i took with my hp)

Above pic : Papa loves taking pics.

Above pic : Did you see the presidents house? It's far away. It's in front of the mountain. The stupid police guard blue color house is blocking the view -_-


Now the next place is the National Folk Museum of Korea. This place is soo fimiliar. Yah, it's because, remember in Lotte World I said I went in to some folk museum? Yup, thats whats fimiliar. But not totally the same. Got some additions. We are not allowed to take photos inside the museum but, I 'accidentally' took some :D. Here it is!

Now, the pic below is how the olden days(i think so) people make kimchi.

Above pic : After they finish all the steps, they bury the kimchi in the ground. I'm not sure of the reason. =\ Maybe because of the weather? LOL. I wasn't paying attention XD.

After touring the museum. I go toilet. LOL. CLEAN ONE! YAHOOO! But no pipe. zzz. The best thing came. I went out to the entrance of the museum. Xiao Xiao came to me and ask whether I took photo of meself at the Horoscope statues in a broken english way LOL, I shook my head. He bring me there :D, I won't tell the best part =P. At first I don't know what statues is it, but when we arrived there, he started saying "rat?" , "pig?", "snake?". OH! Now I know what he meant, so I said "Monkey". He replied "Monkey?" with an 'oh i see' tone. He bring me to the statue. He was like putting his hand on the monkey's head, I dunno what he's trying to tell me, then he take my hand and put on the monkey's head. XD!!!! And he said "xiao xiao!"(so cute), I smiled, then he took a pic of me -_-. PAISEH. But I don't have the photo with me, he already wash it on the last day I met him. (okay I know you want me to stop talking about xiao xiao). After that, we went back to the entrance of the museum. It's drizzling, darn! On the way I didn't say anything, how regret I am :O. Was hoping to take a photo with him on the last day of this tour :D.

Next thing we tour is, some olden days 'castle' or something. Looks like china's. Got only few photos of it. On the way, Uno explains about last time. I didn't really pay attention, instead I look around. There are the king's and queen's rooms etc. Here are some pictures, agak agak how it looks like.

Lunch time! Same style la. But eat rice, for the rice, we mix eggs and veges, so it's like fried rice. YUMMY!! As usual, he helps to serve us :D. Like adding "chilli?", "tang?", etc. LOL!

After lunch, Uno explains what we are gonna do next. MAKING KIMCHI lesson!! WOOO! Cant wait, and after the lesson we get the chance to wear the korean tradisional dress!! The ladies dress is called Saekdong Chogori(i learnt that from the korean drama My Lovely Sam-Soon), the men's? I dunno. XP. The sauce for the kimchi, the teacher tthought us how to make it, but I dunno wth is the ingredients, cuz my chinese not that GOOD. What we do is, use the eveready sauce, just 'slap' it onto the vege, thats it! LOL! SIMPLE! :D The Saekdong Chogori I'm wearing, its NOT NICE, those in korean dramas ones are better, got one tour member, named Jennifer, she wear until so leng lui :O, why? She picked the best dress!! LOL! I sooo DONT LOOK GOOD in it so I don't put my picture there :P. If you want it I may send to you on MSN. SORRY T_T. I don't know why I just hate my own random picture XD. And we all look FAT in it hahahaha. Yah I know I'm soo stubborn. But that depends who you are XD. Here are the pictures of both kimchi lessons and the tradisional dresses. Got some pics of me and dad making it, but mum's a bad photographer so I didnt upload it here XD. Oh you are wondering why my mom never take the lesson? LOL. Good question!! :D. One thing is my mom doesnt understand chinese, the other thing is, we had to drink some soya drink(there's some itty bitty thing inside, soo geli but not bad), mom don't like drinking 'weird' drinks.

NEXT STOP!! We go for making chicken ginseng lesson. Thats for dinner. It's not individual. It's volunteering. But I didn't volunteer. They ready some chickens(small but fully chicken), and some small ginsengs, prunes, and rice. The man at first, take the chicken, put 1-2 spoons of rice, put the ginseng and prune(1 each) inside, then put another 3 spoons of rice. Then later boil in ginseng soup. Got 1 little boy volunteer, hahahah, soo lembap 1 XD.
Next thing, we are going shopping on a street~
To be continued on 23rd Nov 2007 : 2nd part - Memoirs of "Akashi"